In Saarbrücken, on the city motorway A6 (exit Bismarckbrücke) lying you find the Calibrated Audio Studio.

A single company that is specialized in sound design, mixing and mastering of urban music, as e.g. HipHop, Rap and R & B. Nevertheless, he is open to all other branches of the musical landscape.

The studio offers a 20 m² control room, a recording booth and is equipped with the latest analog – and 24-bit digital technology. It has a digital mix console from Digidesign/AVID offering up to 192 channels in mixdown, furthermore the studio has a first-class Lavry Black DA(de)encoding. There is a separate lounge, where you can chill, watch Tv or take sth to drink. The technique consists of digital and analog equipment. The Mastering takes place on a mixture between digital and analog equipment, preferred digital EQ is the Sonnox EQ, as well as the analog high-end EQ by Weiss in the LP edition.

Behind Calibrated Audio hides a sound engineer, whose real name is Cyril Keller. He founded Calibrated Audio 2006 but is working as Engineer since 2002.
The mixing and mastering is done with programs such as Pro Tools 10.3.10 or Sonic Studio SoundBlade incl. various high quality TDM plugins, the Brainworx Mastering Tools and of course state of the art analog outboard as the White EQ1 in the LP edition and the White DS1-MK2 Compressor.
The PQ-editing in Redbook format, will be done with Sonic Studio SoundBlade. PQ editing is called the intervention to the existing data structure of the CD. Here are some examples: indices, breaks, ISRC – codes, copyright markings.
The final master will be converted on request in different formats (AIFF, WAV or SDII). On request, we can also transfer a finished DDP master directly and absolutely safe for each press shop.

Also, we own web space and are thus able to realize online mastering for our customers. The advantage of “Online Mastering” is that the customer no longer needs to be on hand at mastering. A ready-mix can be easily uploaded to our server via FTP; on request we provide the finished master for download, so the customer can listen the master, in a familiar environment (hi-fi, car stereo, I-Pod, etc) and tell me change requests at anmy time. This shortens the duration of the project, despite full security and privacy, and another advantage is the price saving.
“M/S mastering”  is a method in which the side signal and the center signal can be processed separately. This has the advantage that side signals, for example, Reverbs, backings, choirs, so everything in the stereo field “outside” sits separately from the center signal can be changed and center signals, often of the vocals, bass, drums can independently in compression, sound and volume are affected. In addition, the stereo base width can be increased and a “hidden” tool can be again brought to the fore.
So it is possible for me also finished stereo mixes in your essential ingredients to “dismantle” and to give them the best possible results of your music.