Here you can download my offical Mixing/Mastering-pricelist as an PDF file:

Certainly you can ask for discount or bundles. The respective conditions are listed in the news or get in touch with me: Calibrated Audio

Which format should my mixdown have?

I can handle nearly all formats, but the best and simplest way is to send *.WAV oder *.AIFF files. Please export/bounce your mixes in 24 Bit. You can send me Pro Tools files too.

Your mixes should never reach 0 dBfs!

Please do not use pocessors on the stereobus. You shoudn’t use limiter, compressor, finalizer, inflator, clipper, exciter, stereospreader, any tape-emulator, Master-EQ oder sth like that on the stereobus. Effects on each track in your project are parts of your mixing and all right; effects on the stereobus handicap my work, cause my machining options will be restricted and it could be lead to bigger problems.